Sunday, June 09, 2013

Finding new Golf Balls on the Golf Course

We've all lost a few golf balls right? As such, there's probably millions of lost golf balls scattered around golf courses the world over. That much is a guess, but for the millions that play golf, and lose balls, there has to be.

At TPC Sawgrass there is the Island Green par-3 hole. That's the one with a green in the middle of a lake. It is said that over 100,000 balls are lost in that lake each year, on just that one hole. Bring some diving gear, a couple of oxygen tanks, and you could probably find quite a few balls in the hole's lake!

The Island Green hole.
I was playing golf yesterday, and discovered three lost balls. Two were discovered in a ditch, with yellow stakes around it, which can fill with rain water during the winter period. After winter the pond becomes a ditch. Nor is that the first time I have discovered lost golf balls in hedges, ditches etc. Consequently, you can find new golf balls on the course!

To have a chance of finding lost golf balls do not go straight across the middle of the fairway up to the green when going up the hole. Stick to the left or right side of a hole, otherwise longer grass, that has trees and bushes along it. That's where lost golf balls usually are, so on your way up the hole you could pass one or two that landed in bushes.

When searching for your own golf ball in bushes, or around trees, you can also discover new ones. Even if you do locate your ball in a bush, so long as there's nobody behind you spend another five minutes checking out some other nearby bushes for lost balls. You might find more than just your own ball.

Of course, you should be sure that it is indeed a lost golf ball, and not one that's landed on the wrong hole. Do not pick up a seemingly lost golf ball from a fairway, or in longer grass close to the fairways. They might not be lost balls.

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