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How to choose the right tent for your event

If you are planning an outdoor event, party, or get-together, you probably have been considering a tent rental. Tents can provide shade, shelter, and lovely ambiance to any occasion. In fact, today most outdoor occasions usually involve a tent rental, so the options have become quite extensive. There are different types, sizes, shapes, and prices—which make choosing the right tent for your event sometimes quite overwhelming!

Tent Events

Tents are a great fixture at outdoor events, and the options are endless. There are pole tents, plain tents, and clear span tents. All of them differ in difficulty in set-up; however, when managed by a professional, you don’t have to worry about that! You also have the options to decorate and customize tents by choosing your own fabrics, lighting, and liners. You can add your own festive feel to any tent to create a celebration no one will forget.


As one would imagine, the most popular time for a tent rental is for an outdoor wedding reception. Tents for weddings are usually about 2400 square feet in size, or about 40 by 60 feet. This is the size for an average wedding rental, and can cost up to one thousand dollars. Of course, there are even bigger tents available. Some can be as large as 4000 square feet and cost up to two thousand dollars to rent for an evening. For these elaborate occasions, many people opt to dress it up a bit with draped liners or pole draping. These liners often form the walls of the tent, making a private, outside room. A tent is so versatile, that you can have both the ceremony and reception in the same space with just a few simply modifications.

Protection from the Elements

Probably the most practical reasons for renting a tent for you event are to protect your guests from the weather. Tents offer a temporary structure where party-goers can enjoy being outside while staying dry, warm, and comfortable. Other reasons why tent rental is a good idea is that they are great for seating a large number of people when indoor space is limited. They also make great shelter for picnics, concerns, dances, or meetings. The possibilities for tent use are endless.

Anyone who has seen a tent at an event immediately assumes a more festive attitude, and this is another benefit to having a tent at your event. It stands as part of the celebration’s decoration and promotes a fun and cheerful mood.

Promotional Use

A number of pop-up tents are making their way into the professional circuit. You can find these types of tents at fairs, carnivals, sporting events, and just about anywhere there is a congregation of people. These tents are fully customizable and often have a company or organizational name displayed on them. This allows workers at the tent to stay cool and protected from the sun. Plus the organization name is prominently featured in order to draw people over to the booth.

Outdoor Shade Canopy

There are also a number of different canopy tents that are available for your event. The poles and equipment used for these canopies are made of steel, while the covering is usually made of cotton. They are used for a variety of needs, such as outdoor shade, camping, on the beach, and in the backyard. If you are having a small get-together in your yard, a garden canopy tent is an economical way to add shape and ambience.

There are also retractable and patio canopy tents that are made for to add comfort and living space outdoors.

Tent Customization

Along with tent rental, many rental companies offer lighting and seating options as well. It’s smart to get all of your event needs from one company: the tent, tables, chairs, even heaters. You can get everything you want for your occasion by simply working with an event planner that caters to your needs. You may even want special colors and fabric choices for liners and ceilings, making your event even more special.

A reputable rental company will have all of your party needs at one place. They will even set up and install your tent, seating, and lighting, plus remove it after the event. Though you have to pay for this convenience, it is worth saving time and aggravation of trying to do it yourself. Tents are quickly becoming the go-to route for weddings, anniversaries, graduations, and birthdays for good reason. They are convenient, easy, and most often—quite affordable.

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