Sunday, January 20, 2013

Golf Course Reviews: Old Course St Andrews

St Andrews Links, in Scotland, is considered the home of golf. This is because it is one of the oldest golf courses. Golf was being played at St Andrews some time before the first United States golf courses were established in America. As such, it is a great golf course.

To begin with the basic stats. The Old Course is an 6,721 yard 18-hole golf course. Overall, the golf course is a par 72. For the most part the golf course is dominated by par-4 holes, with two par 5s and two par-3s included among its 14 par-4 holes. The female Old Course is shorter than the male course, and includes a number of short par-5 holes.

The Old Course is a links course, and is one that is notable for its bunkers. The golf course has over 100 bunkers scattered among its holes. Some of these bunkers are many feet deep, and can trap any golfer.

In addition to this, the Old Course is also renowned for its giant double greens. These double greens are two greens combined, with a number of the Old Course's holes sharing the same greens. In fact, only a few of the holes at the course have their own greens.

Given its great championship history, St Andrews has a few famous holes. Among the most notable of these is the 17th Road Hole. The Road Hole is a long par-4 which is almost 500 yards long. The replica sheds that stretch out from the Road Hole Hotel require tee-shots over onto the fairway. This hole also includes the Road Hole Bunker, which is one of the deepest bunkers on the Old Course. The longest hole on the Old Course is the par-5 14th, which is 530 yards from the white tees.

As mentioned, the course is a great championship golf course. The golf course has staged the UK Open 28 times. Many of the game's great golfers have played and won at St Andrews Old Course including Nicklaus and Woods. Most recently Louis Oosthuizen won the UK Open at the Old Course. Other notable golf championships that have been staged at the Old Course include the Dunhill Links Championship and the Walker Cup.

Overall, the Old Course is one of the game's more famous courses. The course is a public one, and the St Andrew's resort also has further accompanying golf courses. For further details visit the St Andrew's website.

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