Wednesday, November 16, 2011

2011 Blog Posts

There have been 42 2011 blog posts on Amateur Golfer. A record number have been added in 2011 covering golf travel, golf championships, tips and golf courses and holes. Of course, you can find these in Amateur Golfer’s archives, but here are a few links to some of the more notable 2011 blog posts on Amateur Golfer.

This blog post covers the US Amateur Championship. It’s one of the biggest golf championships, and was once considered to be one of the Majors.

Putting off the green can be more effective than chipping. Here the Texas Wedge putt is covered in more detail.

This covers some of the great American golf holes in more detail. More specifically, the 18th at Pebble Beach, 12th at Augusta and 17th at the Stadium Course are all covered in this blog post with details for each hole.

Looking for some putting tips? Take note of this blog post which includes some.

Which are the best golf courses in America? This golf blog covers America’s top 10 golf courses in 2011. As such, it includes Golf Digest’s 2011 top 10 listing.

The longest golf hole in the United States is… Check out this blog post which provides further details on the longest golf hole in America.

Golf desktop wallpaper can be a great way to enhance the desktop. This blog post includes links to websites that have a good variety of golf desktop wallpaper.

These are a few noteworthy 2011 Amateur Golfer blog posts. And there are a good few more. For some further links to some of the best blog posts on this blog both before and during 2011 you should also check out this post.

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