Wednesday, February 19, 2014

KISS Guide to Golf

The KISS Guide to Golf is another of the golfing guide books for the sport. It’s a part of the KISS series of books, and provides a general golf guide. The book includes up to 400 pages, and with a foreword from PGA Tour star Montgomery it can be assumed that he provided some input for the author Duno.

The book is primarily a golfing guidebook for the game. As such, it provides details for all parts of it, from the long game to the short game, bunker play etc. Pitching, chipping, putting, tee shots and iron play are all covered within its pages.

The guidelines are illustrated with a variety of photographs of the various shots in motion, alongside the text. Photographs included in book vary in scale, with a variety of smaller ones as well as some larger full-page photos. There’s plenty of illustrations added alongside the photographs. The golfing puppy cartoon sketches are included throughout the book as a comical addition. Additional illustrations highlighting ball distances, hole layouts etc have also been included.

The book also provides a general golfing equipment guide. Primarily this covers the clubs for the golf course, with a club yardage guide. However, it also provides details on the other accessories such as ball markers, golf tees, gloves, balls and hats within its equipment chapter.

Also included within its pages is a golf vacation section. If you’re interested in taking a golf vacation, this provides some details for booking and selecting suitable destinations. There it includes some suggestions for what to pack, as well as details for resort packages. The book has a listing of 20 of the world’s famous golf courses, as well as 20 of the more famous courses that you can play on.

At the back of the book there is a website directory listing. Here a number of noteworthy golfing websites have been added, with their pertinent URL. Further appendices are also added for golf magazines and alternative golf books.

Among its final pages is that of a scoring table. This is a table where you can record some of your golfing scores, as well as total number of putts during the round. Whilst it’s a little short, the table can be photocopied for additional copies.

Whilst it’s not a golf history book, it does provide some historical details as well. Brief historical background is included within its opening pages. The KISS Guide to Golf also has a variety of trivia boxes which include some additional historical snippets.

If you’re searching for a guide to golf then this could be suitable. It pretty much has the whole game covered, and not just the more basic things, as well as additional extras for golf travel etc. Check out its Amazon page, where it has five star rating, for further details.

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