Wednesday, July 24, 2013

20-Hole Golf Course

How many 20-hole golf courses are there? Not many, but at the Haig Point Club you will find one. It is there that you can play at the Rees Jones Signature Course.

This is a golf course that has 20-holes on which you can play. However, you will only play 18. The golf course includes two hole eights, and a couple more 17th holes.

When you reach the par-3 eight holes you choose to play one of two hole eights. One is a 170 yard par-3 that has a small wetland in front of the green. The other is a longer 200 yard par-3.

The 17th hole is another double. They are also both par-3 holes that have a yardage of up to 196 yards. However, one of the holes includes a short fairway leading up to the green, whilst the other does not. Pick one of the holes to play, and then wrap up the round at the 510 yard par-5 that has marshland and an elevated green.

The innovate addition of an optional eighth and 17th hole certainly gives the course some variety, and increases the number of holes at the course to 20. Check out this page for further details on the Rees Jones Signature Course. Click on the Rees Jones Signature Course Tour link at the bottom which includes maps of each hole.

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